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He created a CRM software. When a new customer signs up, the software grabs a list of common questions that are in the customer's website, so the customer can answer it in the beginning. If a customer answers a question incorrectly, he gets feedback that she needs to improve that answer. This is done with a simple survey, which works great with a cohort of customers. In two or three days, they can give a general assessment of the software, so this is a very good use case for an AB test. AB tests are awesome, right? People like to buy stuff from people they like and respect. Thus, I suggested that he run an AB test with the survey we created and a text message survey, so he could send those text messages to people who haven't responded to the survey. If people answer the survey, he sends them the text message survey. The entire system is built into the CRM, and it's free to use. His point is that, when a customer answers the survey, it works like a knowledge-check in their mind. If they did X and Y, the software will send them Y and the survey again. It works great for customer acquisition, but not so much for retention. How do you make an AB test on retention, especially when the information you collect in the survey is the general assessment of the software? I suggest something he should have done in the first place: Create a cohort of users and remove some of them from the group. This would allow him to observe whether the people who aren't getting the survey lose interest in the software and stop using it, or if they really don't care about the software and are just flaking on him. I'd also recommend him to create an analytic cohort of users, which I'll explain in a second. This would allow him to study the difference between the customers who get the survey and the ones who don't and study how to best reach them. One of the best ways of tracking user engagement is through social analytics. This is why he should try to track likes, followers, comments, etc. and see if he can correlate them with the behavior of his customers. This would allow him to retarget the people who like the software and those who haven't finished the survey. I'd also recommend him to track and monitor users' behavior through the analytics. If users finish the survey, he can see how they rate the software. # Calcul




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KON BOOT V2.0 USB Disk - 2010kaiser Utorrent latrlory

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