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Beads and Body

Hello beauties! This is Chanel, the owner of Tummy Treasures Waistbeads.  I just wanted to say "HEY" and tell you all a little more about my company.  I sell West African waistbeads. My beads come specifically from Ghana and are made out of glass beads and crystal glass beads, strung together on thread that offers no give, stretch, or wiggle room once tied. Most of the beads from the states are made with elastic and come pretied according to you size/measurements. I wanted to keep the Tummy Treasures experience as authentic as possible, from the product itself, to buying and tying them. Whenever women in Ghana get beads from the market they never come tied. They come in either 2 lengths, 42" or 52" and they are tied upon purchasing, not before. Understanding the significance and symbolism of tying knots, I wanted to keep that apart of Tummy Treasures Culture. Especially because that means more than likely you will have left over material that I encourage women to use as anklets (my personal fav) or bracelets. We are located in South Florida currently so to all my goddesses from Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County, I hope we get a change to link and connect at a Pop up Shop. For my sistas that are not so local, my website is always at your fingertips.  Tummy Treasures is here to empower women of all ages and body types. Its a simple reminder of how something so uncomplicated can make all the difference in how we feel in our daily lives. They can be shown off for the world to see, or they can be your sexy little secret that you wear everyday underneath your clothes. Whether they are used to adorn your temple, aid in spirit work, or assist in weight management, Tummy Treasures Waistbeads is here for all of your waistbeads needs.  Welp, enough rambling, until next time. Sending light, love, and blessings -Chanel 

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